Enyoj your EU rights!!

young-peopleIn Melzo, close to Milan, 4 youth groups coming from Italy, Belgium, Portugal and Spain will meet to share and exchange experiences and learnings on European citizenship.

Every group comes from a different local situation, in which Europe is more or less perceived as a source of opportunities and an origin of rights, which often are known only in a unclear way and not linked to everybody’s common life and local contexts.
The aim of the exchange is help the participants to realize which are the key elements of European citizenship and their basical rights as European citizens, through activities based on nonformal learning, and
to permit a collective narration of this learning, through the creation of multimedia dissemination products as video and/or broadcast on webradio. A special importance will be given to the role and the value
that Europe gives to their young citizens, inside strategies as Youth on the Move or Europe 2020.

The exchange comes from the idea of a group of subjects coordinated by Melzo local authority, and envolving youth groups and organisations of youth workers.

This composition will permit to develop activities in different fields and using different methods and languages in the frame of nonformal education: sport, innovative ways of social participation (as public and social vegetable-gardens), and to give the flow directly to youth, using the local webradio.
The exchange will last 8 days, during wich we will alternate non formal learning activities led by the applicants and by the groups, plus other proposed by other local subjects, plus some collective productions using video and radio.

The main place for activities is the Youth protagonism centre in Melzo (Milan). Every group shall be composed by 6 youngsters (age: 18-25 years old) and 1 group leader.


The organisation will take care of the production of some presentation of the group and their thoughts and feelings about European citizenship and their European citizens’ rights, in the form of a brief video.
Furthermore, the organisation will grant the participation of a group in the exchange activity, provide a suitable group leader, collaborate with the applicant in organizing travels.

During the exchange the organisation, through the group leader, will grant an active participation of the group, will lead the activities in the parts of the programme previously assigned to them, will respect rules and regulations of the exchange, will take active part in the evaluation of the activities.

After the exchange the organisation will assure that the final products (videos etc) will be shown and disseminated in their local contexts.


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