These are the rules to join the project:

  • A formal or informal group (possibly youth club, associations or similar)
  • Age of youngs between 18 and 25
  • Number of participants: 4/6 youngs + 1 tour manager
  • Age of tour manager: no limits, but adult
  • Period: 8th to 15th July 2013
  • The european guests will be accommodated in motel in Melzo or in the neighborhood.

All the costs will be provided by European Commision for youth exchange,
the flight will be payed 70% by Eu, and 30% by each participant.

The participants group generally take a low-cost ticket with only personal baggage and put all the extra-stuff in 1 storage bag.

During the week there will be a lot of activities for the guests, the thematic areas are:

  • Food: workshops on food traditions, a possible video filming while cooking,
  • Gardening: exchange of local/traditional seeds
  • Job: workshops on cityzenship and and job opportunities
  • Ludic purpose: skateboard, graffiti, music, concerts, photography, videomaking, movies

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